Privacy Statement

PRODAN TARTUFI Mushroom Harvesting and Trading Craft, owned by Vanda Prodan, Sv. Ivan, Praščari 43, 52420 BUZET (hereinafter: PRODAN TARTUFI) reserves all copyrights in respect of the use of photographs, text and other published material, within the meaning current legal rules and regulations in the Republic of Croatia. Photographs, texts and other materials shall not be published, sold, publicized in public or in private, nor be used in any other way without the consent of PRODAN TARTUFI.


PRODAN TARTUFI respects your privacy and undertakes to protect your personal data. Collection and keeping of data is performed in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

Data Covered by the Privacy Policy System

Data that we primarily ask of you and that are protected:

– Name and surname

E-mail address

– Other data you provide but state that you want them to remain secret.

The Purpose of Collected Data

All data that PRODAN TARTUFI collects from you are used solely for:

– Answering your inquiries as efficiently as possible

– Ensuring the provision of services required

– Our internal statistical data processing

– Sending of publications, brochures and other promotional materials.

PRODAN TARTUFI guarantees that the gathered data will be used solely for the purposes stated above. By providing your personal data through all forms of communication, you provide your explicit consent that PRODAN TARTUFI may contact you for the purposes mentioned above. If you do not want PRODAN TARTUFI to contact you, you are required to inform PRODAN TARTUFI on this in writing.

Duration of Privacy Policy Validity

Once you provide your data, you agree to be contacted by us. The moment of entry presents your explicit consent to be contacted. Privacy protection of your data is permanent, and you may, at any moment, request termination of email notifications. Following that, PRODAN TARTUFI shall not use your data except for internal purposes, e.g. for computer or statistical data processing.

Privacy Policy Content

We do not sell your e-mail address or other data, nor do we rent them out or put at disposal to third legal or natural persons outside of the PRODAN TARTUFI web site without your consent, since this is against our privacy policy. PRODAN TARTUFI adheres to a strict “no spam” policy. PRODAN TARTUFI is not responsible for accidental lapses or for lapses that occurred due to force majeure or other objective circumstances which caused accidental breach of the guaranteed protection of your data, but guarantees that the lapse shall be fixed, if possible, as soon as possible.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

As with many other web sites, our web site may use “cookies” and similar technologies that enable easier delivery of content with regards to your area of interest, request processing and/or analysis of characteristics of your visits. Cookies by themselves cannot be used to reveal your personal identity. When you access our web site, this data is used by our servers to identify the properties of your browser, but not you. If, at any moment, you want to delete or disable cookies on your computer, you may update the settings on your web browser (find information on ways to delete or disable cookies in your browser by selecting the “Help” menu). Data may be collected my means of “pixel tags”, “network signals”, “clear GIFs” or similar means (commonly named “pixel tags”) which enable us to know when you visit our portal and how you use our e-mail messages or advertisements.

Change of Data

You may contact us at any moment to access your personal data, as well as to update, correct or delete them. Until that happens, for the purposes stated above, we shall use your old data.

Your Consent

By filling the forms on this site, you guarantee that the data you attached is accurate, that you have the capacity to contract and are authorized to dispose with the provided data and that you fully agree for PRODAN TARTUFI to use and collect your data in accordance with the law and terms of our privacy policy.


If we decide to make amendments to our privacy policy, we shall post them to this site for you to have constant access to them.

Additional Explanations

By using our web site, you confirm that you have read the Privacy Statement and that you agree to it.

If you have additional questions, issues or comments regarding our privacy policy, you may contact us at

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