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A truffle hunt is a special and unforgettable event for any fan of this subterranean mushroom. We will tell you a story of our family truffle hunting tradition and convey the full experience from the adrenaline and anticipation of seeking this treasure to preparing the joint find and enjoying the aromas and flavors of our truffle products and delicacies.

Visit us, treat yourself with unforgettable experience of truffle hunting  and find out the story of this jewel of nature.

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The hunt is unique, it requires patience and dedication, as well as a great love of this subterranean mushroom. The specific scent that comes from damp soil, mostly in oak woods, is impossible to discern for human senses, but a trained dog’s sense of smell will feel it and find the truffle.

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By rapidly moving its paws, the dog points to the area where it has found a truffle, showing its owner the spot where this underground treasure can be unearthed.

Truffle dogs are highly prized and have been bred and trained for truffle hunting in our family over many generations.

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Any time of day or night is suitable for truffle hunting. One can never know when truffles will release their magical scent, which makes truffle hunting always unique and adventurous.

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